Ruffed Grouse, Drumming

sculpted from a Tamarack tree stump

Brook trout rising to a fly

The trout is carved from Birch, and its coloration accomplished by pyrography.  It is mounted on a painted wooden panel, with "reeds" added to create a depth of field.  Framed in mahogany. Can stand on its own, or be hung on a wall. 

Recently sold for $425.​

recently sold for $750.


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Fin, Fur & Feather Carvings in Wood
3 William Rd. Rangeley, ME 04970 US
Phone: (207) 670-5770 Website:

Fine carvings in wood, of wildlife and habitat in the Great North Woods

The White Ash Trilogy

All three sculptures are carved from a section of a white ash log,

harvested to make room for a road widening project on Rt. 17, in the town of Roxbury, Maine. Except for this section, the rest of the tree was cut and split and stacked for firewood.

(left to right) "Rutting Whitetail buck", "Bull and Cow Moose, At Rest", "Doe with Twin Fawns"



winner of several awards, this sculpture recently sold for $475. 

The brook trout is carved from Cherry, and the "splash" from a Black Cherry Burl.

...Just off the bench....



I live in the Great North Woods.  In fact, I live in the middle of a wildlife protection area on the shore of Rangeley Lake, at the edge of Maine's one- hundred-mile wilderness.  This gives me the opportunity to observe wildlife, up close and personal.  If I haven't seen almost every species of fish, mammal and bird from the comfort of camp, then I've seen them in the woods, fields and waters of this beautiful part of the country.


 I have chosen to capture the images in the medium of wood.  Through sculpting and relief carving, I bring to life representatives of animals, birds and fish, often in their habitat, doing something that comes naturally. 

Should you visit this neck of the woods, drop in.  The drive to my Gallery should offer you the chance to see some of my subjects in the wild!